Experience, Knowledge, Progress.

Simi Valley needs a school board trustee who brings practical experience and deep knowledge about education. Kristina has been a teacher for 15 years. She and her husband Christian have two children in Simi Valley schools. Kristina is a PTA board member and a frequent volunteer in her children's school. Kristina understands how children learn and will work to ensure that Simi Valley schools offer the best possible education for every child. Her unique experience and perspective make her an ideal candidate for school board trustee.


Kristina's platform is based on her commitment to three key values. She will work to continue the success of Simi Valley Unified School District and strengthen schools for the future. Kristina will focus on

  1. Equity and inclusion

  • As a trustee, I will fiercely advocate for all students and represent all voices in my area and the district at large, including equitable distribution of resources. I have seen some schools get frequent upgrades while other schools are repeatedly passed over for basic safety upgrades. As a trustee, I will advocate reexamining the allocation of funds to ensure that schools are treated fairly, placing a high priority on school safety upgrades.

  1. Building community involvement within schools

  • Many SVUSD schools struggle to get parents, caregivers, and community involvement. The efforts of teachers and staff need to be supplemented to create strong communities within schools. I look forward to collaborating with individual school partners including the PTAs and local businesses, to build connections and community support for each school.

  1. Whole child education

  • SVUSD already does a fantastic job educating the whole child through rigorous academics, social and emotional learning, physical activity, and mental health. Healthy development of mind and body is the basis for success in school and in life. A strong academic program is fundamental. It is most effective when it is supplemented with other forms of learning that also prepare students for the challenges ahead. As a trustee, I will support SVUSD teachers and staff in this important work so we can ensure that all Simi Valley students flourish.

Simi Valley UNIFIED School District Area d

Here is a map of Area D. If you live in this area, vote for Kristina Pine!