Why Kristina will be an effective School Board Trustee

Kristina is well-qualified to be a School Board Trustee. She will bring her commitment to effective teamwork and collaboration to each of the components of her role and is ideally suited to act on behalf of the community.

School board Trustees are responsible for:

1. Setting the direction for the community’s schools

Kristina’s education, experience, and personal values give her the foundation for setting and sustaining the direction of Simi Valley schools. She is knowledgeable about current educational practices and has a comprehensive understanding of how learning builds across grades to maximize students’ progress.

2. Establishing an effective and efficient structure for the school district

Kristina knows how to balance accountability with efficiency, so that teachers and staff are able to devote more of their energies to their students than to their paperwork. Highly organized and efficient in her work as a teacher and in her personal life, Kristina will bring the same focus to her work as a Trustee.

3. Providing support

Through her experience as a teacher, a PTA board member, and a parent volunteer, Kristina understands how schools operate and how to extend meaningful support to school staff at all levels. She will work with the other Trustees and the Superintendent to ensure that there is a positive interprofessional climate that facilitates strong academic achievement. Kristina communicates complex subjects clearly and will be able to explain district policies and decisions to other members of the community.

4. Ensuring Accountability to the Public

As a parent and a representative of the community, Kristina will participate in evaluating progress toward the district’s vision and goals, ensuring that resources are being used effectively. She will undertake the multiple monitoring and evaluation components of this role with her usual thorough, focused attention, working with other members of the board as a collaborative governance team.

5. Acting as Community Leaders

As stated in her platform principles, Kristina is eager to increase community connections with Simi Valley schools, involving the community in appropriate, meaningful ways. She will listen to community members’ perspectives respectfully and thoughtfully, ensuring that decisions reflect the broader community and are always made in the best interests of the students’ education.

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